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Each lesson takes around 6 minutes. you can finish one even during your coffee brEak


in our XR community that you can join on discord and become a part of hot news & webinars ar the first one


After finishing your course you will get a certificate that you can show at your application as your own projects

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Regardless if you're a beginner or already published your first effects

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your needs

Focus on what it matter to you. The practical lessons tailor to you. "Cut the generic-learning crap!"

Projects for portfolio

Ending the 'YOLP' course, with your own outstanding portfolio ready to share with your clients

Community support

With the support of OUR community students, professors & partners from the XR sector

Students' Testimonials

"It was a great course and easy to follow. The teacher was detailed and shared good tips, I really enjoyed it and learned how to be creative to do my own stuff"
"I want to increase the sustainable fashion design and share with fashion designers not only physical but digital & phygical"
"I was able to publish my first filter in such a short time and the incredible and instant support"
Aim high, see big, judge widely
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Write your awesome label here.

Learn from the best AR Creators

Our XR Professors are the best in their fields with the super skills to share their knowledge in a simple and quick way. With the short video learning form you can create your XR portfolio within a week!

The content of our courses focus also on the your expertise field. Learn about AR Fashion if you're a Digital Fashion lover... or AR immersive spaces for this crazy VR experience. Don't waste your time in tutorial that are not for YOU

STUDYXR community

You have support from STUDYXR team and your colleagues. Being in our community gives you the opportunity to connect & expose yourself to your fellows with who you might work in the future ;)
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Frequently asked questions

Do I need experience to start your course?

To jump into Your Own Learning Path, you don't need any prio experience. We're coding-friendly and video tutorials are code-free. Our effort is to teach tech to non-tech people.

What is the refund policy?

We don't offer refund when you purchase our challenges. However, we are always open for feedback to improve our learning content - feel free to contact us.

For how long I can use Your Own Learning Path?

Everyone who purchases the access to the platform will have a chance to use it for 6 months. You can manage your own time and effort to finish the course.

Do I need to pay additionally for the tool license?

What you see is what you get! There are no extra costs or fees on top of the learning platform. Plus, we will provide everything you need for the course.

Do I have an access to the course automatically after purchase?

Yes! After purchasing your course - you will get the access automatically to the platform where you can manage your account and learn whenever you want!

Still have questions?

 We're all ears! Stay curious and keep those queries coming.
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