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1. Master the 3 AR tools for Social Media: Control how to use the 3 available tools in the market to create AR filters for your clients. Marketing team request AR Creator to know how to create Effects cross-platform.

2. Use the most-demand AR trackers: Understand multiple trackers to create face, eye, head, body, image, effects  - you’re gonna be ready to say:  “yes, I can do them all” to your clients.

3. Have breath-taking portfolio: It’s the most important asset for clients to choose your services. Each lesson is a new effect to add to your portfolio.

4. Specialise in your AR field: Put your energy in the field you’re passionate about fields such as Fashion, Gaming or Immersive Space. Learn only what it matters to you.

5. Charge what you deserve for your effect: Stay ready to put yourself out as AR Creator with strong tech skills, outstanding portfolio and clients waiting for your services.

6. Stop feeling intimidated: AR tech seems complex & scary at first. The course is tailor to you needs & tech limitation (even if you have zero tech background). We're here to help you during your learning journey answering any question you might have.


‘YOLP’ allows you to gain the tech skills and become the next AR Creator

Regardless if you're a beginner or already published your first effects

Focus on what it matter to you. The practical lessons tailor to you.  "Cut the generic-learning crap!"

Ending the 'YOLP' course, with your own outstanding portfolio ready to share with your clients

With the support of OUR community students, professors & partners from the XR sector

After graduating 'YOLP', You will be able to ...

Create AR Effects cross-platform: The ‘YOLP’ teaches you how to create any AR effects no matter the AR tracker or social media platform. Your creativity is the limit.

Generate $$$$ selling your AR services: You’re gonna be one of  first professional to dive into the future of technology. You’ can easily offer your services to your clients

Establish yourself as expert in AR Creation: With ‘YOLP’, you gain CONFIDENT. Stand as the expert of AR effects and easily convince your clients to create that effect.

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What a sneak peak of 'YOLP' video tutorials

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The 'YOLP' course
for 500€

Other personalized programmes with mentoring,
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Learning AR from the foundations
10 Online Practical Lessons
Access to Community
No learning path customization
Live Q&A sessions
Specialisation on Your Field
Immediate Access to Course
25 Online Practical Lessons
Bonus Lessons on non-AR tools (Blender, Substance Painter, AI,…)
Levelled Learning
Access to Community
3 Live Q&A sessions
Specialization on Your Field (Fashion, Gaming, 3D)
Reserve spot on upcoming exclusive content (Masterclass, Meet the AR Creator)

Our Answers to Your Questions

Do I need experience to start your course?

To jump into Your Own Learning Path, you don't need any prio experience. We're coding-friendly and video tutorials are code-free. Our effort is to teach tech to non-tech people.

What is the refund policy?

We don't offer refund when you purchase our challenges. However, we are always open for feedback to improve our learning content - feel free to contact us.

For how long I can use Your Own Learning Path?

Everyone who purchases the access to the platform will have a chance to use it for 6 months. You can manage your own time and effort to finish the course.

Do I need to pay additionally for the tool license?

What you see is what you get! There are no extra costs or fees on top of the learning platform. Plus, we will provide everything you need for the course.

Do I have an access to the course automatically after purchase?

Our program will start on April 25th  and all of students will get access to the platform at the same time.

Still have questions?

We're all ears! Stay curious and keep those queries coming.