Create Semi-Digital T-Shirt

Dive into trackers for fashion effects, animate without code, master the Path Editor, and prepare for publication. Bonus: Connect physical garments via QR codes and NFC.

Teacher 💖 María (@studyxr_)
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AR Fashion Bundle

Immerse yourself in the boundless creativity of digital fashion.

You’ll learn to…

  • Create phygital garments with AR immersion
  • Explore the trackers for immersive AR fashion effects
  • Animate your AR effect with no-code tricks
  • Navigate comfortably through the Path Editor (the more technical side of the tool)
  • Be prepared to publish your first AR garment to the world
  • Connect physical garments to your AR effect using QR codes and NFC

What's included?

  • 5 Lessons to Master AR Creations
  • Practical Video Tutorials
  • Certification to share on social media

Quick & easy XR knowledge

You’ll learn how to optimize assets, incorporate interactive elements, and push the boundaries of creativity. With this course you'll bring your XR visions to life.

Certificate & portfolio project

It’s the most important asset for clients to choose your services. Each course certified and your new effect can automatically land in your portfolio. 

Course Lessons

Maria Martinez

Passion ignited our journey into the world of Extended Reality (XR). Starting as a non-tech enthusiast, I discovered the immense potential for crafting immersive experiences. Overcoming my lack of technical expertise, I embarked on a learning journey, experiencing the challenges faced by others like me.
This inspired us to create a platform dedicated to accessible XR training, designed for non-tech creators

Maria - Founder of STUDYXR
Patrick Jones - Course author


  • No prior experience required to begin the course
  • Utilize free software and assets for the entire tutorial
  • No need for any design knowledge or 3D skills

Who is this course for…

  • Curious individuals eager to venture into the world of Extended Reality (XR)
  • Creative minds seeking to explore the intersection of creativity and technology
  • Professionals from marketing & ads looking to expand their skillset and create engaging AR campaigns
  • Digital freelancers aiming to enhance their service portfolio with the creation of immersive AR experiences

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